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CommunityContent CMS

We have three core flavors to power your site.

Specialized features to fit any need.

Corproate CMS

Corporate Edition

Big features for big websites. Get ready to power over your competition with a HUGE set of powerful features designed to get your business out front. Need to scale? No problem! CommunityContent CMS already runs sites with hundreds of pages and thousands of visitors every day. Did we mention that there is no limit to the flexibility of the system? Your website can be customized to perform nearly every task imaginable, and probably for less than you would expect.
Ease of use + positive ROI = happy shareholders (and boss).

Church CMS

Church Edition

Church websites have special needs. This edition of CommunityContent comes with a full toolset of church-related features. Streaming audio, bulletins and newsletters, member areas (password protected), calendar that understands how churches schedule (second Tuesday, third Monday, etc), online donations... You get unique features that help your church gain and retain members without outrageous costs or technological demands. Get the powerful features that a "mega church" would have...but with the ease of use your volunteers can understand.

Camp CMS

Camp Edition

Summer camp is fun. Shouldn't managing your camp website be fun too? This edition is chock-full of AWESOME camp tools. Online registration, camper communication, cabin news, countdown to summer, Camp Store (eCommerce), daily photo name it, we've got it. With our trunk-full of features, your camp website will help with recruitment throughout the year, and will keep parents and campers engaged. Easy and secure features even allow you to have summer staff update certain areas. Managing a summer camp website has never been this much fun!

What's in it for me?

Everything is custom, but here is the normal feature set.

Easy Online Editor
Upload Unlimited Images
File Download Library
Multiple Editors
Unlimited Slideshows
Create Basic Buttons
Embed YouTube Videos
Advanced User Management
Social Media
Use Your Own Domain Name
Blog / News
External HTML
Forms Creator
Graphc Buttons
Automatic Child-Page Navigation
Captioned Photos
Online Donations
Page Password
PDF Newsletters
Streaming Audio
Automatic Sermon Podcast
Photo Galleries
Local Weather
Automatic News Syndication (RSS)
QR Code Manager
Staff Info/Bio Manager
10 pages
10 pages
Daily Edit Reporting
Integrated Newsletter Signup

I want more awesomeness!

No problem, we've got you covered.


Mobile Website

What are you doing for all the iPhone and Android toting people out there? Your site visitors are becoming increasingly mobile so maybe it is time to develop a custom mobile website to supplement your desktop site. Sure, mobile users can browse your main site just fine (we make sure of that)...but most industry experts recommend that the content you deliver to mobile devices should be customized to that target audience. Usually this means it is time to cut out the filler and put all your key info in an easy to use interface. We can help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of mobile devices and can build a fully optimized site just for these tech-savvy users.



Time to make money! If you happen to be in retail, you already know that a website is one of the most powerful sales options available today. Your new online store is open for business 24-hours per day. How awesome is that! Whether you just need a basic eCommerce website built on PayPal, or a system capable of handling thousands of transactions per day with, Linkpoint, etc...CommunityContent Commerce is ready to meet your demands. Complete with advanced taxation, shipping, and inventory management options, we can help you get set up quickly with a robust sales solution.

event registration

Event Registration

Are you running a conference center or summer camp? We can get your registration fully automated. Visitors to your website can select an event and then complete all the registration forms online (including payment, registration for special meals or activities, selecting tracks or breakout sessions, etc). All the registration information will be collected into a centralized database for you to download whenever you are ready to start printing nametags! It doesn't get easier than this.

custom modules

Custom Modules

We work with you to develop custom modules for the system whenever they are needed. Do you have an idea for the next great thing; something the Internet has never envisioned? Bring it on! We can tackle anything, big or small. If it can be done, we are ready to make it a reality. Retina scanner login to the admin interface...why not? System that sends a text message to the user every time they type the letter "J", if you say so. The best part is that the core platform is so robust and flexible, it probably can handle all your wild ideas without blinking (not that servers blink...but you get the point).

Enough do I get it?

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